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Magic Sprinkles at DevFest UK Ireland

A shorter version of my Magic Sprinkles talk presented at DevFest UK Ireland

Magic Sprinkles: Adding animations to your app with Jetpack Compose

I have some Jetpack Compose UI components in my app and now I want to add animations, where do I start? In this presentation I will look briefly at the Jetpack Compose animation api to get an overview of the animation system. Then I will look at a few quick win simple animations that can add some magic to your app. I will dive into more complex and custom animations to see what is possible. All of these experiments will be illustrated in a sample app provided in a companion repo. At the end of this talk you will:

  • have an overview of how animation works in Jetpack Compose
  • have some practical animation examples that you can add to your app immediately
  • have an idea of what is possible with complex and custom animations
  • have a code repo of examples